The KE-30 Aquareactor for The bus, truck and heavy  vehicles.
- Best suited for engines up to 4~7 litres.
- Makes 1.6 ~ 2.5 litres Oxyhydrogen gas per minute.
- 21 Electrodes are MMO coated Titinium plates in anode surface..
- 1 gas out and 1 water in hose from each cell.
- Dimension:  85 x 180mm(Generator), 90 x 230 mm or
160.7 mm x 196.8 mm x 107.9 mm (Water reservoir)
Water, Land & Sun is Human life !
Eco Solution for the Alternative Fuel.
It's here ! A way to spend less fuel on the vehicle.
Package Including as follows;
- A KE-30 Generator
- A Water reservoir with bubbler included.
- Teflon Electric wires
- Air hoses
- Connectors, Insulation Tape
- A continuous duty solenoid 12V
- Installation Manual with User's guide.
- Package Box Dimension: 40cm(W) X 35cm(D) X 25cm(H)
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Generator. We offer increase your MPG with the Aquareactor.  Get your suitable alternative fuel generator with the
Aquareactor. You can drive with clean and save fuel from the Aquareactor today.
Best dry cell of HHO generator ! Image shown Model KM-20 Kit
KE Series Aquareactor is the ultimate of supply HHO gas on demand for the vehicle.  
-  MMO - TiO2  Anode plates are keep Clean water, No rust, sludge and Pure Oxyhydrogen gas produce.
"Chromium ions" in the HHO gas of Stainless Steel act to accelerate the decay of orthohydrogen to
parahydrogen. Orthohydrogen is 4x more reactive than parahydrogen. Titanium cells make no chromium      
ions or other ions. That is why the HHO gas from a Titanium Cell is more reactive.
-  Auto circulating design increases efficiency by promoting gas production and cooling.
-  Each gap of the plate has a gas-out and a water-in hose.
No hole plate design for no current leakage and best dry cell of HHO generator.
-  Optimized current Amps (5~15A) and  Water consumption( 10~50ml/hour).
-  We warranty our entire system for 1 year!