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When the space shuttle takes off you will notice that the actual
flame is a light blue color. This color comes from the hydrogen in
the on board rocket.
Hydrogen is used not only to get the shuttle off of the ground, but to
fuel the space shuttle and other satellites as well. Manned shuttles
use a combination of hydrogen and oxygen to create pure distilled
water for the crew to drink.
If hydrogen fuel can power a rocket all the way to space, it is
definitely a powerful energy carrier. Harnessing that energy would
create a powerful fuel source.

Hydrogen is the simplest, lightest element in the universe. It is
made up of a one proton and one electron. Because of its
simplicity, it is believed by some that hydrogen is the root of all
Hydrogen being 14 lighter than air, when Hydrogen Fuel is
released into the atmosphere, it dissipates immediately upward,
This means that a hydrogen gas spill won't pool on the ground,
pollute groundwater, or soak into clothing it removes itself!  
Hydrogen is Everywhere, it is the most abundant element in the
universe, making up more than 90% of all matter. On Earth, it is the
third most abundant element in the Earth's surface, found in water
(H20) and all organic matter.
In its normal gaseous state, hydrogen is colorless, odorless,
tasteless, and is nontoxic, which makes it different from every other
common fuel we use.                             
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